About Gold Standard Phantoms


Gold Standard Phantoms is a University College London's Institute of Neurology spinout company which is developing, marketing and selling calibration services for Quantitative Medical Imaging. We are working in collaboration with the main stake holders in the field to provide a one-stop-shop integrated solution to the problem of maintenance of standards in Quantitative Medical Imaging. We are working therefore with clinicians, Radiographers and Radiological Societies, Imaging manufacturing companies, the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory bodies, both national and supranational.


To enable medical imaging to move from a pattern recognition-based technique to a quantitative and reproducible scientific measurement methodology.


To be the premier provider of calibration services for clinical quantitative medical imaging worldwide.

What is quantitative medical imaging?

Quantitative Medical Imaging (QMI); in contrast to traditional imaging in which an image is qualitatively interpreted by a trained radiologist, turns the imaging system into scientific apparatus for measurement of a physical parameter or quantity.

What are phantoms?

Any measuring system needs to be shown to make valid measurements, and hence requires calibration. Due to the complex interplay and number of physiological parameters that QMI techniques aim to measure, usually based on a biophysical modelling of the 'raw' measurements, there is a real lack of any "standards", also known as phantoms, with which these measurements can be calibrated. This has impaired translation of these techniques from its successful use in research into clinical practice, in spite of the demand from clinicians and radiologists alike to use them for diagnostic and/or prognostic purposes.

Grants and Awards

Innovate UK logo

Innovate UK: Analysis for Innovators

Gold Standard Phantoms is happy to announce that we, together with the National Physical Laboratory and NEL, have been awarded a £170,000 project from Innovate UK’s 'Analysis for Innovators' competition to create a 'traceable calibration for an MRI perfusion measurement'.
SBRI Healthcare


Gold Standard Phantoms Limited is delighted to have been chosen for a phase II funding of £1,000,000 from the NHS England's Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) to set up a complete solution, including phantom and cloud-based automatic analysis, for calibration of Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL). This funding will cover the development of CE marked phantoms and online calibration services.
SBRI Healthcare

SBRI Phase I

Gold Standard Phantoms Limited is pleased to announce that it was successful in receiving a phase I funding of £100,000 from the NHS England's Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) to develop a fully MRI-compatible perfusion phantom