• QASPER (Quantitative Arterial Spin Labelling Perfusion Reference) is a calibration and quality assurance standard for MRI perfusion measurements using Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL).  It simulates the process of delivery of arterial blood to an organ in a controlled and reproducible manner.
  • The MultiSample120 phantom is a 120mm diameter cylindrical phantom, capable of holding up to eight industry-standard 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes. It addresses the need for a standardised container for multiple sample vials when preparing phantoms in-house for advanced MRI techniques. The phantom is supplied empty as standard for filling by the user, making it ideal either for sequence/technique development or quality assurance of advanced imaging methods. Alternatively, the phantom can be filled with solutions to the customer's specification.
  • Gold Standard Phantoms is pleased to offer a spherical gel stability phantom that meets the characteristics established by the fBIRN committee.  Designed to fit within modern multi-channel MRI head coils, the FUNSTAR (Functional Stability Reference) uses a proprietary water-based, synthetic gel inside a HDPE spherical shell.  It can be used in conjunction with GSP Cloud, providing an easy-to-use, automated fBIRN stability analysis for dedicated management of quality assurance tests.
  • Monitor the reproducibility of MR spectroscopy acquisitions and analyses through routine scanning of the SPECTRE phantom.


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