• Gold Standard Phantoms is pleased to offer a spherical gel stability phantom that meets the characteristics established by the fBIRN committee.  Designed to fit within modern multi-channel MRI head coils, the FUNSTAR (Functional Stability Reference) uses a proprietary water-based, synthetic gel inside a HDPE spherical shell.  It can be used in conjunction with GSP Cloud, providing an easy-to-use, automated fBIRN stability analysis for dedicated management of quality assurance tests.
  • GSP Cloud is Gold Standard Phantoms’ cloud-based image platform for the analysis of MRI data acquired with phantoms. GSP Cloud makes it easy to keep track of routine QA measurements, including the storage/archiving of data, automated analysis pipelines that generate QA metrics for each test, generation of QA reports in PDF format, and the longitudinal graphing of QA metrics, making it easy to identify MRI system performance changes.  Multiple users from the same organisation and group can upload data and view results, making it easy to share QA information across research and clinical institutions.
  • The MultiSample120 phantom is a 120mm diameter cylindrical phantom, capable of holding up to eight industry-standard 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes. It addresses the need for a standardised container for multiple sample vials when preparing phantoms in-house for advanced MRI techniques. The phantom is supplied empty as standard for filling by the user, making it ideal either for sequence/technique development or quality assurance of advanced imaging methods. Alternatively, the phantom can be filled with solutions to the customer's specification.
  • QASPER (Quantitative Arterial Spin Labelling Perfusion Reference) is a calibration and quality assurance standard for MRI perfusion measurements using Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL).  It simulates the process of delivery of arterial blood to an organ in a controlled and reproducible manner.
  • Monitor the reproducibility of MR spectroscopy acquisitions and analyses through routine scanning of the SPECTRE phantom.


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