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The MultiSample120E (enhanced) is a 120mm diameter cylindrical phantom, capable of holding up to 24 industry standard 100 x 16mm, 10ml polypropylene vials. The phantom can be supplied pre-filled with configurations for diffusion or relaxometry, or empty for filling by the user, making it ideal either for acquisitions/technique development, or quality assurance of advanced imaging methods.


  • Quantitative T1/T2 relaxometry
  • Metabolic imaging
  • Spectroscopy
  • Multi-nuclear imaging
  • Quantitative diffusion imaging
  • Proton density fat fraction



120mm (inner), 130mm (outer), 160mm (widest)



Overall Dimensions

160mm x 160mm x 165mm (LxWxH)


2x 1/4” BSP (filling ports)
2x M12x1.5 (probe ports)


Body and Lid: Polycarbonate

Sample holder: Polycarbonate and Acrylic
Fillable Tube Fiducials: Glass and EVA Plastic
Fasteners: GF Nylon and Polycarbonate
Plug: GF Nylon
Seals: Nitrile

Sample Containers

24x 10ml, 100×16 mm polypropylene vials

Phantom Contents

Can be:
Supplied empty.
Filled with standard diffusion and relaxometry configurations.
Filled to customer specification on request.


Foam padded box for storage and transport

Optional Extras

Fittings for connecting to a circulating water system (system must be user supplied)
Foam insulating jacket
Insertable fibre optic thermometer probes
Torque screwdriver (highly recommended for self-filling applications to prevent damage to the phantom from overtightening screws)


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