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The MultiSample190N is a 190mm diameter cylindrical phantom, capable of holding up to eight industry standard Nalgene 30ml HDPE vials. The phantom can be supplied pre-filled with configurations for diffusion or relaxometry, or empty for filling by the user, making it ideal either for acquisitions/technique development, or quality assurance of advanced imaging methods.


  • Standardised multi-vial phantom, using industry standard 30ml sample vials.
  • Can be filled with ice-water mix to ensure thermal stability at 0°C.
  • Available pre-filled with configurations for diffusion and relaxometry, or empty for your own unique applications.
  • Use for Quality Assurance testing and validation of advanced MRI techniques.


  • Quantitative T1/T2 relaxometry
  • Metabolic imaging
  • Spectroscopy
  • Multi-nuclear imaging
  • Quantitative diffusion imaging
  • Proton density fat fraction



190mm (internal volume)
200mm (outer cylinder)
228mm (widest point)



Overall Dimensions

228 mm x 228 mm x 163 mm


1x 1/4” BSP (filling port)
2x M12x1.5 (probe ports)
1x M40 port (ice fill)


Body and Lid: Polycarbonate (Body and Lid)
Sample holder: Polycarbonate and Acrylic
Fillable Tube Fiducials: Glass and EVA Plastic
Fasteners: GF Nylon and Polycarbonate
Plug: GF Nylon
Seals: Nitrile

Sample Containers

8x Nalgene 30ml HDPE vials

Phantom Contents

Can be:
Supplied empty.
Filled with standard diffusion and relaxometry configurations.
Filled to customer specification on request.


Foam padded box for storage and transport

Optional Extras

Insertable fibre optic thermometer probes
Torque screwdriver
(highly recommended for self-filling applications to prevent damage to the phantom from overtightening screws)


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