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Setting the standard for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


  • Stable solution of the seven most common brain metabolites at physiological pH and concentrations.
  • Two sizes available: 18cm and 11cm diameter spheres.
  • Assess the performance and reproducibility of both standard and edited Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy sequencees.

The SPECTRE (Spectroscopy Reference) phantom is designed for Quality Assurance measurements of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS).  It contains a set of metabolites found within the brain at physiological concentrations and pH, all housed within a HDPE spherical shell.  Up to 30 SPECTRE phantoms can be made from the same batch, providing identical phantoms for use in multi-centre studies.

SPECTRE uses a set of metabolites typically used in MRS QA; with the addition of GABA (gamma-Aminobytyric acid) at 2mM, to allow performance testing of both standard (e.g. PRESS, LASER) and J-edited (e.g. MEGA-PRESS) MRS acquisitions.

Metabolite Nominal Concentration
N-Acetyl-L-aspartic acid (NAA) 12.5 mM
Creatine (Cr) 10.0 mM
Choline Chloride (Cho) 3.0 mM
Myo-inositol (Ins) 7.5 mM
Glutamate (Glu) 12.5 mM
Lactate (Lac) 5.0 mM
GABA (Gab) 2.0 mM


SPECTRE Information Sheet



Sphere Diameter

Standard: 18cm
Pico: 11cm

Phantom contents

Water-based liquid containing metabolites, pH buffer, Gd-DTPA and CMIT:MIT based preservative.


HDPE (shell)
Nylon (filling plug)
Nitrile (plug gasket)

Compatible MRI Coils

Standard: All multi-channel clinical head coils currently on the market
Pico: Also fits inside pediatric head coils


7.4 at 20°C


Liquid crystal thermometer
Protective foam lined box


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